Obligatory Introduction Post!

Well hello there, friends, and thank you for popping a seat on down in my blog to read this!

My name is Jill and I generally hail from Tumblr. But, while I am an avid blogger of Straight & LGBTQ+ TV shows and movies over there, I also wanted a place where I could connect more with book-readers as well. I know there are quite a few on Tumblr-land that read and interact with those posts, and I hope some of you are here reading this (hello!), but that was mainly my goal in creating a blog.

I’ve been furloughed from my job as a concert and hockey coordinator in Nashville, and while I’ve been trying to keep myself busy… dear god I am so bored. So I busted out my Kindle and Nook and watched a Youtube video on how to make a blog site.

Having said that, I am so incredibly new, so please, if you have any tips and tricks of the trade, feel free to let me know! Also feel free to follow me on my brand-spanking new Bookstagram (chillwithjillsbooks) as well! 

So what are we going to be reading on this blog? Well I’m all about romances, so much of that. I love mystery and gritty crime books as well, so yes, hello there. I also am really into laughing, so definitely going to add a generous helping of comedy. Knowing me, I will be reading everything from YA to Adult Novels containing sex scenes– all of which will be tagged clearly, never fear– so there will be a good mix of all kinds of books for me to read and review. 

I’m excited! I hope some of you are curious and if you have a site of this like your own, or you want to create one, hit me up! I’m ready to be your biggest fan.

So let’s do this. 

Review on Tap: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

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