Review: “The Fascinators” by Andrew Eliopulos

“If you believe it, you can achieve it. That’s like the number-one rule of magic.” You know, The Fascinators was a really interesting book that for some reason or other, I just didn’t connect to. It wasn’t written too young, which is my complaint about a couple of other YA contemporary reads. The plot hadContinue reading “Review: “The Fascinators” by Andrew Eliopulos”

Review: “Date Me, Bryson Keller” by Kevin van Whye

Maybe I’m a Scrooge.  Maybe it’s that my 23 years have suddenly decided to add up into one explosion of “get off my lawn” crotchetiness, because while undoubtedly “Date Me, Bryson Keller” is a cute YA novel, conceptually it is just so young. Writing-wise, characterization-wise, dialogue-wise (“wow that sucks major donkey balls” is something IContinue reading “Review: “Date Me, Bryson Keller” by Kevin van Whye”