Review: “The Camino Club” by Kevin Craig

There are books that you really want to like, and there are books that really want you to like them. The Camino Club falls somewhere in between those two categories.  The Camino Club— cleverly named for the other famous delinquent group, The Breakfast Club— follows the story of three teenagers who’ve been given the choiceContinue reading “Review: “The Camino Club” by Kevin Craig”

Review: “Idle Hands” by Cassondra Windwalker

Idle Hands is undoubtedly going to take the Woman’s Literature genre by storm.  Not only is the cover a subtle mix of color and spook (the nails on that shadowed hand certainly provide a curiosity that belays the cheerful colors!) but there is certainly enough story contained in the pages to make anyone sit upContinue reading “Review: “Idle Hands” by Cassondra Windwalker”